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Electric services

We provide the complete electrical installations, extensions, adjustments and maintenance of company buildings and machines.

The installations of our customers can be divided into a number of groups containing power supplies, machines, motors, conveyors, ...

  • Production environment, machine equipment

  • Storage places, stacking racks, fridges

  • HS cabins, LS cabins, Transformer rooms

You can contact us for a project: relocating a machine unit, expanding a machine unit, replacing & repairing motors, replacing transformers, installing low-voltage boards, installing high-voltage cabins, control and data cabinets, etc.

After contact, we make a project plan so that you can get back to work with your machine as efficiently as possible.

You have also come to the right place for maintaining your machinery. By performing preventive maintenance, there is a strong decrease in malfunctions due to wear. A well-maintained installation has a longer life. We help you map out obsolete installations, detect and adjust unsafe situations, carry out repairs, improve the cosine phi using a capacitor battery, etc.

You can conclude a maintenance contract with us on a weekly, monthly, annual, etc. basis. We will work with you to determine your wishes and needs and work out a maintenance plan based on urgency and budget.

You can also contact us for the replacement of engines and generators. Both the mechanical replacement and the electrical connection and disconnection are part of our daily tasks. Any adjustments or repairs are also possible in our equipped workshop.

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